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Why Hello There.

Many People have been asking who is behind Bible2Mobile.com. Originally, I did not want to give out my name, but I feel that people have a right to know who is doing daily Bible verses. My name is Paul Nate. In 2006, I started sending Bible verses to friends, the number of people grew and we are now a Bible2Mobile community! I hope you enjoy your daily inspirational Bible verses.

Our official hashtags #bible2mobile #b2m. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Zello Channel.

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    Select Your County Number

    Open SMS/Text app on your phone and select your Country Number (Shortcode) from the list and then input number. USA Number 40404, List of countries numbers - Select Your Country Number.

    Send Message

    Now send sms/text with message Follow bible2mobile to the number you selected from step one. Example of iPhone Sign up.

    Hurray Your Signed up now!

    You will get sms/text back saying you now following bible2mobile. You will now get daily bible verses via sms/text on your phone.
    Now Join our other communities, Facebook, Twitter & Zello Channel, see you on the other side!

Our Communities.

Bible2Mobile.com is dedicated to spreading the Word of God via social media, SMS, Twitter, Facebook & Zello walkie-talkie app.

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Step 1. Send text/sms with message Follow bible2mobile to this number 40404 (USA only). Select Country Here.

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...but God shows his for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

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